Technology For Global Good Social Enterprise 2.0

The modern customer cares and will protest brands not actively making a positive impact on society. However, brands that resonate with the new customer culture will unlock the tremendous growth opportunity to deliver vastly improved customer loyalty, company culture, and investor return.

As the founder of global research and consulting firm Mogul Lab, Jahmorly and his diverse team of experts are able to provide clients with business and technology solutions that deliver.

What We Do


  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Process Management
  • Product & Engineering Services
  • Procurement
  • Outsourcing


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automated Marketing
  • Media Buying (Advertising)
  • Social & Digital Content
  • AR/VR & Live Video


  • eCommerce Strategy & Buildout
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Web, App & Bot Development
Our Process Profits+Passion
  • Value Discovery

    We begin by aligning your corporate objectives with data-backed research to discover the best cost effective, yet sustainable strategies for your project.

  • Planning & Risk Management

    Risk is a factor. However, we leverage years of research, strong alliances and frequent C-Suite meetings to address concerns & fine-tune strategies.

  • Execution & Longevity

    Your teams are trained and given first-hand experience of the project execution to bolster know-how and support upon completion of the project.

The Difference

Jahmorly represents the modern era of leaders challenging ourselves to build impactful organizations that deliver beyond just quarterly results. The world needs our creativity, our will to innovate and audacity to build eco-systems that break the strangle hold of old ideas.

The Social Enterprise 2.0 is no longer a niche effort, but a mainstream multi-trillion dollar opportunity that will open new markets, while providing a competitive advantage of healthy communities with loyal customers.

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