Inspiring change
while returning value

Leverage the insight of Jahmorly and his years of experience fine tuning the marketing, business intelligence and long term strategy for multiple brands and celebrities for your organization.

Jahmorly implements the Social Entrepreneurship model to help organizations  develop strategies that positively impacts society, while increasing revenue and ultimately shareholder returns.

Services Work For You

Mogul Lab
Mogul Lab provides a robust toolkit of insights, influential media, and marketing platforms to help executives understand the modern affluent.
Cultured Urbanite - hat's Hot in the City
An online marketplace that allows brands to engage affluent customers using engaging pop-up shops, live streams, and other marketing formats.
Cultual Relevance
Influencer marketing platform that helps brands strategize, cast influencers, budget and create content for native advertising campaigns.
Mogul Lab Studios
Mogul Lab Studios is a full-service creative and production company for virtual reality, film production, advertising, social media, website/app design.
Generation Mogul - The Voice of the Modern Mogul
Generation Mogul is a media network of editorials helping companies natively advertise to the modern affluent customer.
Anomaly Ventures
Anomaly Ventures is an investment syndicate connecting moguls with a network of trusted investors.

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